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Stephen Funk

Stephen FunkMarch 15, 2004--First conscientious objector imprisoned for refusing to fight Iraq War, anti-war hero Stephen Funk returned home from six months in North Carolina military prison to a community celebration in Oakland, California March 14, 2004. The event was announced on the front page of the local news section of the San Francisco Chronicle and was covered by most Bay Area television stations,  Democracy Now!,  and many others. A dozen progressive organizations presented Stephen with an "Anti-War Hero" plaque in recognition for his courageous stand against an unjust war.

In a significant victory, a military jury acquitted Marine Stephen Funk, Iraq War resister, of "desertion" on September 6, 2003. However, they then convicted him of the lesser charge of "unauthorized absence" (aka AWOL). The jury later sentenced him to six months imprisonment.

Here are some stories about and by Stephan, who remains an active dissenter against militarism.

Updated March 2014